Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Job!

It's been awhile since I updated this and I have about 5 minutes to write this post before I head out to train at my new job! woohoo!

Here's what you missed:
Since the summer I've been working at a Bar, Grill & Sushi restaurant in Pinebrook in Park City called O'Shucks/Ahh Sushi. It was good until the fall and things started to really slow down and I was making about $50 in tips for 4 days of work. F-ed, I know. Mid Fall we got a new manager and he really tried to turn things around, but failed. More stories to come about this guy because he's such a douche. Last night (2/10/12) I put in my two weeks. His response, "Cool, good". Wow. You're an awesome manager...

Anyways, last week I noticed that another restaurant was hiring so I went over there and got the job instantly! Hopefully this will be a good move for me. It sucks really hating your job. It makes you hate everything while you're there and therefore lead to a negative attitude. I wish I had a better work experience there because I'm really going to miss all the people I worked with. Good thing John's parents live up the street so I can just come down and hang out :)

More to come soon!

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